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Writer's Block: Freewill vs. fate
Is love destined or is it a choice?
It's destined. There is no choice in who you love, or no one would ever feel heart broke. Or fall for the wrong person, at the wrong time. It's never a choice. So, yea, love is destined. It's not a conscious choice. You just get to choose how you deal with that love. 

Writer's Block: Operation Giggles
What always makes you laugh?
Fucking with Dave.

Writer's Block: BFF
How long have you had your best friend?
Since he pushed me on the swing when I was 3 or 4 years old. 

Writer's Block: Love hurts
What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?
As a human, I drank a lot and traveled. Some would say I ran away, but whatever. I'd party in some exotic place that wasn't Louisiana until I was drunk and fucked up enough to forget how bad my heart hurt. 

Last time... I ran. And I don't know how I'd get over a broken heart now. I don't have any way to drown it if it happens. So, let's hope Jack doesn't break me.

Writer's Block: Internet addictions
Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?
Twitter. Tumblr. Facebook. 

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Writer's Block: Bone-chilling birthday wishes
It's Stephen King's birthday! Who is your favorite character from one of his books?
I love every character I think. Though Carrie always has had a special place in my heart. She got back at her bullies, and how. Then there's Tom Cullen from The Stand. He was just so damned sweet and I adored him. I like Christine. Yea, the car is very much a character. None made me cry like John Coffey in The Green Mile. I bawled forever at the end of it. Pennywise terrified me. I just pretty much love everyone he writes. Unlovable or not. He's just a damned good writer.

A birthday
Jack turned 33 and I tried to give him a good day. Well night... but you know what I mean. I woke up and we headed to New Orleans. This plush hotel. I ordered dinner, had cake. There were presents and just the two of us. It was great. He seemed to enjoy it. Especially the birthday sex. But hey, sex is good no matter what day it is. Especially with us, we sizzle. 

There's this... worry in my mind. Another, I know. It's all I fucking do some nights. But this one makes me wish I had died rather than turned. How will I watch everyone I love get old, fade away, die? Jack's birthday, he's older. Will he still want me in 20 years? Or will vampire girlfriend no longer be what he wants? And our son, he's going to grow up and then I'll have to watch him die too. How can a mother do that? I just... I don't know. It's  a scary thought. It makes me want to cry. 

I know, some folks are just like... turn them. Well, Jack would never ever want that I don't think. He's in love with me, but not a huge vampire fan in general. He'd be unhappy. And he's afraid as fuck of comittment, so yea. That's out. I don't care, I'm turning Davey whether he likes it or not, just because he's my best friend. I've lived very few years of my life without him. I can't do eternity without him. I refuse. So... he better get used to the idea. Then there's Wes. I guess, I'll leave the decision to turn or not to him, I just don't think I'd be able to make my son my vampire child. Just because seeing him die would break me, no matter that it would only be for a few nights. 

So, I'm the same neurotic mess I was as a human, but now I worry about so much more. And I don't wanna lose anyone. Ever. 
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Writer's Block: Freaky Friday
If you could become a member of the opposite sex for just one day, what would you do?
I'd probably spend the day jacking off. If I were human, I'd marvel at pissing standing up. I'm easily entertained by dicks, so... yea.

Night away from home
I left home when the sun set, heading off to the club, needing to take care of business. I have a manager, but I still need to be there. I went there the fast way and I got a glass of royalty blended before sitting at the bar to look over paperwork. I signed a stack of requisitions, signed the checks for the dancers' costume allowance, and I gave the manager permission to hire in new bouncers after she told me of an incident in the parking lot after hours this week. I tapped my empty glass and let the bartender refill it while I checked the upcoming schedule. Times were hard in a poor state, but luckily they always found a couple bucks to see a woman take it off and pay them the slightest attention. I was doing pretty good, was actually toying with the idea of making a Scandals in New Orleans. 

I slid all the paperwork over to Lindsay, the woman I hired to manage the club and sipped my blood, listening to the sounds behind me and watching it all through the mirror at the back of the bar. I noted a man getting handsy with the dancers when he tipped and slapping one across her ass. I hated that when I danced, and tended to smack the shit out of the customers who were repeat offenders. If you want to smack their asses, pay for a dance. I nearly said something, but I saw my dancer was handling it. 

I went back to my drink and was thinking of just going home, skipping dinner, when I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned slowly on the bar stool I was perched on. I plastered the fakest smile on my face and looked up. It was the ass slapper, here to complain about the dancer who wouldn't allow him to slap her ass. I stood, holding my glass in my hand. "Would you like to join me in the office to discuss this?" I gave him an alluring smile, eyes traveling over him. "I'd like to make sure my customers are completely satisfied." He nodded and trailed after me through the crowd and to my office where I locked the door. Once he was seated grinned, set to make him dinner once his pitiful tirade about my dancer was over. I sat on the edge of my desk and listened about how she assaulted him and yada yada. 

Once he was done, I laughed and leaned close. "You aren't going to get her fired. You aren't getting free drinks. The only thing you'll get is a wiped memory, a sore neck, and banned from my club." I stood and jerked him close, fear filling his eyes as my fangs descended. I let him squirm in fear a moment before sinking my fangs into his neck and drinking deep, holding his body to mine as I do. I growled slightly when he tried to pull away and drank deeper until his movements and heart began to slow. I licked the wound closed and pushed him back to look into his eyes. 

I felt the glamour take hold, my influence filling him, speaking slowly, voice low. "You will never touch another dancer when she doesn't want you to, you will never come to this club again. You won't remember this or how you got the bites on your neck. Good night, you slug." I let him go and unlocked the office door and watched him toddle out in a daze before I locked it again. I wanted my man after that. The slug left a bad taste in my mouth. I ported home after a long night at work.


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